Both Christopher Dezzi and Eleanor Dezzi are registered lobbyists in the state of Pennsylvania. Christopher Dezzi is also a registered lobbyist with the city of Philadelphia.

As lobbyists, The Dezzi Group represent their corporate and not-for-profit clients with, State and Local governments. The Dezzi Group helps clients navigate the legislative process. We help prepare and analyze legislation, assess the impact of legislation and strategize with clients on advocating their causes with elected officials.


The promise of The Dezzi Group is the opportunity to work with Christopher Dezzi and Eleanor Dezzi. We work directly with each of our clients.

Strategic Partnerships

We believe that all business begins with solid relationships. At The Dezzi Group, we leverage the connections we have developed during the course of our careers by connecting our clients with the right business or political resources.

Media Relationships

Communicating with the public is a delicate task that requires a keen understanding of how to manage news media, social media and paid media.  The Dezzi Group has built relationships with all area news outlets including broadcasters, newspapers, trade journals and specialty publications. We are expert at managing social media and we know how to place paid advertising when necessary.

Government Relations

The Dezzi Group builds connections between individuals, community groups and Federal, State and Local government. We educate elected officials about our clients’ services, products and concerns.

Community Relationships

The Dezzi Group is a liaison between community groups and business and Federal, State and Local government. We represent the interests of non-profit organizations and corporations who need to develop a strong line of communication with elected officials.